I make magic

In his 1961 book "Profiles of the future" Arthur C. Clarke said:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

This also became one of his 3 laws.

Did you also think about it in these terms? Any magic once understood becomes a technology.

Hand a GPS device to a 17th Century Explorer and it would certainly seem to be magic... something listening to clocks in man-made satellites to determine location.

This now everyday technology to us wasn't always available to the mass consumer.

I have automated my house. Actually I started doing it when I was a teenager and it drove my parents crazy. I was always taking things apart and using the parts to make other things.

I took lawnmowers and dairy farming equipment apart and built go-karts to play on.

One thing I distinctly remember my father doing when I was very young was building a television... from parts. Perhaps this is what drove me into building computers for a living, but there was something else. He had a shop in the basement. To access the shop, behind a locked door, he never needed a key. He would just touch the door and it opened, I never new how it worked, so to me, it was magic, and my dad was Merlin.

When I was about 10, I finally figured out he was touching a nail pair... nails he had soldered to some circuitry and a solenoid that locked the door.

Today I know this as the Capacitive Effect on a transistor, but when I was 9, it was magic.