My Gestalt

Understand the chaotic world by developing meaningful perception through the acquisition of seemingly disparate knowledge.

Collect information in large quantity with precise detail and connect the dots of meaning to form your own picture of the universe.

Act upon it

Knowledge and understanding without action is waste.

Be Grateful

Never underestimate the power of gratitude.


Forgiveness will make your heart happy. Forgiveness is not about someone deserving it, it's about healing your heart.


The Void

Imagine if you will, a void, a big, empty nothingness.
There is no sense of up, down or any direction whatsoever. Imagine you are the only consciousness that exists...

Alone and in the dark, what can be done?

In the void, there is nothing, infinite vastness. Consciousness is a single point of infinite smallness.

Consciousness reaches out, we can think of this in two ways:

The masculine, logical or limited path...

The extension occurs in a single direction and becomes a second point of reference.
From here to there, it creates a perfect, straight connection.

Consciousness rotates the connection until it meets the beginning, now defined is a plane and circumference.

Along the connection, consciousness rotates the plane to meet the circumference, completing enclosure.

The feminine, emotional or omnipresent path...

The extension occurs in all (as in infinite) directions at the same time.

Either way, the result is...

Unity... a sphere.

The sphere is perfect, the smallest amount of perimeter with which to enclose the most space. Maximum enclosure with minimum exposure. This is an important concept with which to draw upon as we proceed.


The Beginning

Before we dive in to a bunch of numbers and shapes, let's first hear from some of the most revered texts of our world.

"The Way gave birth to unity; unity gave birth to duality; duality gave birth to trinity; trinity gave birth to the myriad creatures." - Daodejing

A paraphrased version of Genesis…

In the beginning, God.
God moved.
God spoke.
There is light.



The One.

One creator, one principle, one God.

Infinite, timeless, everywhere.

Without unity, there is nothing. With unity, add on to infinity. From nothing to everything.

From every point on the surface of a sphere the center is identical. From the center every point on the surface is an infinite uniqueness.



Unity gives birth to duality.
God moved.

Unity created a sphere. To continue, it simply needs to move anywhere on the surface of the sphere and duplicate what it just did.

Circles are usually how we see this represented, though there is much more taking place when viewed in at least one more dimension. In a top view, there is now a vesica pisces. In three dimensions, there is a lense.

This is no small creation. Numerically, there now exists a definition of 0, 1 the radius, 2 the diameter, and perfect representations of the square roots of 2, 3, 4 and 5.

A perfect perpendicular line can now be drawn as well as a perfect equilateral triangle.
From two spheres we can complete senary mathematics (1,2,3,4,5,10), which has a host of differences from the decimal or denary system we are all familiar with.