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Kno what?

In my daily snooping around at what's going on in Tablets, I ran across the Kno.

Personally, I've never heard of it before and I wonder how it has escaped me up until now.

Could this be the Tablet I have been dying to own?

Quite possibly, yes.

Form factor is good, specs look good…

The 14" screen is immediately what attracted me, then...

  • Write. Revolutionary digital note-taking using natural handwriting or a keyboard. Even drag highlights or graphics from your textbook or the web directly into your notes.
  • Touchscreens. Navigate using touch-screens that deliver amazingly natural interactions with textbooks and notes.
  • Browse the web. Full-featured browser supporting HTML5 and Adobe Flash™.
  • Rich media. Experience HD video, audio recording and playback, and even more.
  • Multi-tasking. Change learning states instantly. Glide from a textbook to a video, then dash off a note with total fluidity.


    This is definitely a nice interface, pen functionality…

    Looks very similar to OneNote, but it's not OneNote… It's geared to students so note taking is a big deal here, precisely what I want, but it's running Linux… and it's geared to using TextBooks.

    Not that I totally dislike Linux, I don't. I have multiple Linux machines running. It's just not my preferred client and development system.

    I am hoping someone will make a Windows Embedded 7 system that can run Silverlight and hopefully OneNote.

    But then again, this is still extremely intriguing. If it's running Linux, I wonder if MoonLight is an option here, and if it is, I am sold, I'll move to this notekeeping software because it looks sufficient for my needs and I can probably extend it in many ways by writing apps.

    It also comes in a Dual Screen version which is less appealing to me now.

    Dual 14" screens may change that, it could be very interesting indeed, but not as my first choice.

    You have to see the Demo here from TechCrunch to appreciate it:

    The concept here is awesome for Students. I would like to carry it over to the Enterprise…

    So for now, I am parking this in the KEEP WATCH ON camp.

    I seriously think I will be joining the developer panel on this device.

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