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ExoPC looking really nice

I continue to search for a viable Win7 Slate. I am really annoyed that I won't have one for a few more months.

Lately I have been carrying around my ANCIENT Toshiba M7 tablet to meetings all day; the weight and battery life are really starting to irritate me.

What I WILL NOT give up...

  • OneNote

  • Pen

Since these are my two very basic requirements, I have a narrower focus than most people when it comes to a Slate.

What I want:

  • ~2 pounds in weight

  • All Day Battery

  • HDMI Out

  • SDHC Slot

Since the previous two I was looking at have been officially cancelled (HP Slate and MS Courier) I think I have settled on the ExoPC.  It appears from the specs that this is my machine.

Sure, I'd love to have a ton of consumer crapware on this (not) from an AppStore, but really I only want to use it for OneNote and watching occassional movies.

I need a pen because I just can't type in a meeting, it's never been practical for me. While it's not speced here, It is supposed to ship with a stylus and since it's windows I can install some palm-rejection software if its not already there.

This thing looks pretty awesome, see the link for Specs. I hope it ships on time in September.


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