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Why I need a Pen

No doubt, the iPad is a cool device, but it has no impact on business or making your life easier.

The CrunchPad shows some of the lunacy surrounding what is being delivered today.

My thought’s on the iPad; it will drive the desire for a real tablet with a Natural User Interface called a Pen.

Why? Because we need natural input… The consumer oriented device without a pen is just wrong.

Wrong, what do you mean wrong… the iPad sold 300,000 units on the 1st day!

The marketing weenies are dictating what should be produced and they don’t seem to get it.  Non tech users HATE keyboards, even soft ones, they ALL know what a pen is and how to use it if only the NUI would get out of the way, the TIP is horrid.

The HP Slate?  awesome... except they FORGOT THE DAMNED PEN! And of course they will have all kinds of assorted CrapWare to ruin the package. This is another great idea with a piss-poor implementation.

Notion Ink Adam has the right idea:

Again… no pen… and it’s running Android, which means writing Apps in Java. Android does seem to see that Handwriting recognition is useful. Android may also be the only thing that keeps Java alive.

What is wrong with this industry?  We are on the verge of greatness and everyone is dropping the ball.

A pen is not a difficult thing to add to these devices.

Basic gestures like Pinch, Swipe and Flick are fine for fingers.

I don’t stab the end of my finger and write in blood…

I don’t finger paint.

I draw, sketch and write with a PEN, that is NATURAL, using my finger for these is… not.

Microsoft Courier concept

The Courier might be ideal if they don’t hamstring it… At least it HAS A PEN! However, it can’t run something as powerful as Photoshop, but beyond basic drawing should be easily accomplished.  Windows Mobile 7 means that all the Handwriting Recognition will be there since it’s in Silverlight as it has always had an Ink Presenter, to date, its just very little used.

The Courier might be too small.  We won’t be watching movies on that screen except maybe on an airplane, I doubt we would like it on the sofa.

Thumbnail for version as of 22:55, July 17, 2008  Even in the 24th Century they are using a PEN…

I mean seriously, Apple, Nokia, HP, Google, Samsung, Sony, Asus, Acer, Motion… Can’t anyone get this right?

I  LOVE my Bamboo ($149) but it doesn’t replace a Tablet PC or a screen input device, I’d rather see the output under the pen.  The Cintiq 21UX is awesome, but A) it’s not wireless and B) it’s $3,000... the 12Wx is $950 Still too much and A) not wireless.

Here is a spec that I throw out for pure joy.  Eventually we will see something along this line, but not in the near future unfortunately.

CPU: Atom
RAM: 2Gb
Storage: 64GB
Weight: 2 pounds or less
Screen: 1920x1080, 10.7” Diagonal REFLECTIVE Screen for OUTOOR Viewing
(Total size 8.5”x11”) under 1/2” thick.
ruggedized either OOB or with add-on cases
Software MUST SUPPORT: Flash AND Silverlight/Moonlight BOTH, BOTH, BOTH!!!!
External I/O: USB and SDHC, give me expansion!
Radios: 3G or 4G, WiMax/WiFi, Bluetooth AND WHDI
Software Keyboard AND A FRIGGIN PEN, not just a stylus…
A Palm Rejection, 256 Level Pressure Sensitive PEN
Cameras: 5MP Back, 1.3MP Front
Ease our development burden and adopt .Net or Mono as the development platform.  Why?

Ruby was a small box last year and is now 8 largest language passing Perl and Python and is now knocking on the door for Visual Basic's spot. Ruby has the second largest unit growth after C# and went from 4% overall market share to 5% and is 4k units off of displacing VB for #7 overall. C# was equally impressive with a 36,811 unit growth or 18.85% growth and went from 11% market share in 2006 to 13% market share in 2007. At the rate it is going, it should surpass Java as the number one language this year as it is only (9,526) units short and is on a positive 18.85% growth rate while Java continues its slide at a (14.16%) clip.


Can it be done?  Of course it can! It’s just going to take a few more months or even a year for manufacturing to get geared up for this stuff, then prices will fall and we will have something amazing to carry around.

Make a deal with MULTIPLE wireless carriers like Verizon, Sprint and TMobile, make it open, put CDMA and GSM radios in it. Do you want REAL marketshare? Take an initial loss if necessary and pump this out, the same way PALM, RIM, Apple, MSFT and everyone else did when they started with something revolutionary.

So, back to why I need a PEN.

Get REAL, Windows OWNS 90% of the total OS market and it’s not going to fall off dramatically anytime soon.

iPad is cool but it owns 0% of the business market and never will garner much in it’s current implementation.

Look at that STUPID device that UPS has you sign every day… Want to replace that in the near future? What do they care about? Barcode Scanner, GPS and Signature input. PERIOD!  You can AND SHOULD replace every one of those smart keys with soft screen icons, the camera can read a barcode, but you NEED A PEN TO SIGN.

Store Delivered Apps are cool for discovery but businesses and geeks will want to install their own proprietary stuff without a “store” to tell them they are compliant.  Could a Store drive sales? of course, don’t be thick… Retail is a different animal, but you CAN AND SHOULD serve both worlds.

I also think we will start seeing dual or triple Monitor desktops using 24” Multitouch screens.  I can do it now DIY for ~$1000 per monitor, but that’s really too much, less than $500 a piece and I’d be installing them everywhere.  Later this year they should hit the streets at a reasonable price from 3M, Samsung and others.  The biggest problem… NO PEN!

We need screens that work with BOTH Multitouch and Pen, I learned that from the Bamboo and how often I switch between them.  I gesture much more with two fingers and then do precision work like writing, circling, clipping, sketching with a Pen.

Something else that makes sense with a Pen is Shorthand, this could EASILY be added to handwriting recognition. 


“The Pitman system is still used, especially in England. Do check it out. It is not easy to learn or become proficient in, but it is fast (up to 10X faster than longhand!), elegantly austere, and has been adapted for use in many languages other than English.”

I am sure other forms of Shorthand could and would be invented that make more sense in the computer age, and the only real reason it has died off is the horrible interfaces we have had with previous tablet PCs.

The tablet will definitely be re-invented, the question is will it be a novelty like the iPad or a useful tool?

There is indeed room for both, the iPad will be around for a while and I think that if there was an option for a Pen, they would sell many of them, but only if there was additionally a Natural User Interface that made it compelling to use for writing as well as drawing.

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