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Why the Microsoft Courier could change everything

We’ve all seen the Courier speculations… if you haven’t go look here for some new info or watch this Video:

I have basically been trying to emulate this functionality on my tablets PCs with very little success ever since I got one…

So what makes this different and unique from something like the iPad?  First of all its Pen Based, the iPad is touch based and doesn’t even have an option of a pen. So that begs the question, if I have Multitouch and a virtual keyboard do I even need a pen? 


I am far more comfortable using a pen for quick notes and drawing than I ever will be with my finger.  I can’t write text like finger-painting.

Circle/Cut/Drag/Paste/Annotate is exactly what I need to do most and if you watch the video above you will see that this is exactly the target of the Courier.

I want something small enough to carry without being cumbersome, with enough journal type functionality it can stand on its own.  I want to carry this IN ADDITION to a phone (which is too small to be practical) and a powerful notebook that I will use mostly for Developing Software.  I already carry two notebooks, but one is almost never used: the Acer 1420P which turns out to be a HUGE disappointment in functionality, it has every radio known to man, which is great, but the pen is a joke and the touch is resistive and leaves a lot to be desired, I may give this to one of my kids.

Convergence will never happen, I gave up on that a long time ago, segregating what I do on 3 different devices makes perfect sense. 

1.I want a phone that also lets me read an email, send SMS, Display Maps and do a quick browse of the internet.

2.I need a laptop powerful enough to write software, but is generally to big to whip out for meeting notes, or brainstorming… in fact it won’t be a Tablet.

3.Lastly I need something to organize my Mindmaps, Notes and Sketches for general work, this is where the Courier would fit perfectly.

Originally when I first saw the iPad I thought it would work, but I need a PEN.  I also need expansion or at least the ability to save things externally.  I don’t want to connect my device to a PC to sync stuff, it needs to stand alone.

Why the Courier can change everything…

First I have to assume it is a fairly open model like the Windows Phone 7 Series will be which uses XNA and Silverlight as the development platform.  We can assume that since they run the same OS on the courier, developing will be the same.

Secondly, and this is vitally important, is that Steve Ballmer just said that by the end of the year 90% of all Microsoft Employees will be working on Cloud solutions.  This is critical because one of the biggest problems I have with OneNote is syncing.  Currently I use Mesh, but that is not really optimal for the purpose and is limited to 5Gigs, a large capacity drive in the cloud completely solves this, but it MUST interact seamlessly with all my devices, this is where things like AWS fall down.  No one is going to install Sharepoint just to sync OneNote files, well I did once and gave up because it was too much of a hassle.

I want to be able to send my wife a OneNote notebook of a trip I am on so she can see it, do some editing and send it back.  Currently this is agony to pull off.

I need a damned Calendar that syncs properly to every device I have, maybe this will get solved in the next release of Office, but I am not holding my breathe.

This plumbing is the sort of stuff no one wants to think about.

Give me a few hundred gigs in the Cloud, a Phone that does simple things in my pocket and a Notebook that actually works well with Pen and Voice, connecting to a 3G network, has at least an 8 hour battery life and doesn’t require a nuclear power pack to run, this is what I see the courier doing for us in the next couple years.  I certainly need a fairly powerful machine for development and I don’t want to pull that out every time I need to check my journal.

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