My Gestalt

Understand the chaotic world by developing meaningful perception through the acquisition of seemingly disparate knowledge.

Collect information in large quantity with precise detail and connect the dots of meaning to form your own picture of the universe.

Act upon it

Knowledge and understanding without action is waste.

Be Grateful

Never underestimate the power of gratitude.


Forgiveness will make your heart happy. Forgiveness is not about someone deserving it, it's about healing your heart.

Agile Specifications


As we extend our knowledge of Agile methodologies and Domain Specific Languages how can the two merge to improve communication between Development and Business. Business wants something, but they tend to have difficulty describing it in a way that developers can use to start creating code. Developers like to talk in deep technical terms that Business just doesn’t care about. Business cares about asking for something, then having a way to validate that this was delivered to them. We often call these “Acceptance Tests.” With the addition of Business Analysts (or someone fulfilling that role) into the team we have an ideal way to bridge that gap. The BA can create acceptance tests that developers can use to write high quality code, while Business can look at and read those acceptance tests in a language they can understand and with progress they can see.

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